Council Members

The Bishop Field School Council is a legally constituted body of elected and appointed representatives of the local school constituency. It is established for the purpose of enhancing the quality of school programs and improving the levels of student achievement in the school. The school council consists of a balance of teacher, parent, and community representatives who meet on a regular basis to receive information regarding school operations, to share expertise and support with the school community, and to work together to plan activities which will enhance the school experience for our students and families.

Current Council 2019-20

  • Laurie Andrews (Principal)
  • Melissa Jordan (Parent Representative)
  • Rhona Buchan (Parent Representative)
  • Norma Aylward (Assistant Principal)
  • Brad Stone (Community Rep - Chair)
  • Robyn Squires (Community Rep)
  • Paul Alhassan Issahaku (Parent Representative)
  • Michael Whittle (Parent Representative)
  • Michelle Reynolds (Teacher Representative)

Meeting Minutes

Update July 2018.pdf
BFE Report 05112018 2pm FINAL.pdf
Bishop Feild Elementary Update 04192018.pdf
Bishop Feild Elementary Update - 120817.pdf


Minutes June 4, 2018

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