About Us

Mission Statement

Bishop Feild School is a learning community that enriches the lives of students by improving student achievement and motivation in a safe, caring and healthy collaborative learning environment.. 

Vision Statement

The vision of Bishop Feild School is a partnership between our school staff, our students, our families,  and our community, working together to ensure the success of each child. 

Bishop Feild School, under the jurisdiction of the NL Schools, is an elementary school located on 46 Bond Street in St. John’s. It is a two stream school offering both English an Early French Immersion Program. The current population is 345 students, many of them coming from our school neighbourhood.

Bishop Feild School was established in 1844, originally an Anglican School for Boys. It boasts many distinguished alumni, including the Honorable Joseph Smallwood, the Honorable John Crosbie, and Tommy Ricketts, winner of the Victoria Cross to name but a few.

The current school building, designed by architect Eustace Byrd, was constructed in 1928 and is an example of collegiate gothic architecture. With high ceilings, marble floors, oak mantles, and fireplaces, the building has provincial heritage status.

Today Bishop Feild draws upon a diverse population, making it a unique school with a strong community spirit. We program for children from a variety of backgrounds, including a significant representation from the St. John’s Arts Community. Parents are actively involved in developing our school in a variety of volunteer capacities. Fundraising Initiatives in recent years have resulted in 4 Chromebook Carts, an outdoor classroom and garden, library resources and technology and most recently auditorium tables.

Bishop Field School is a member of the International League of Peaceful Schools and has achieved that designation as a result of sustained efforts in safe and caring school initiatives. Bishop Feild School was one of two project schools In the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District. for Relationships First: Restorative Justice. Relationships First-RJE aims is to nurture and support relational organizational cultures where children, youth, and adults alike thrive 

We partner with a number of community groups including the Kids Eat Smart breakfast snack program, the St. John’s School Lunch Association, Association For New Canadians, Government House, Quad NL, and several other local community programs at our school. We have also successfully applied for grants from various organizations to fund environmental projects, visiting artist programs (ArtSmarts), MUN Science of reading literacy programs, and the provision of specialized equipment to support school programs.

At Bishop Feild our goal is to help all children grow as active learners. Our school attempts to foster enthusiasm for learning and to provide rich learning opportunities for all children. At Bishop Feild there is also a strong emphasis on the development of responsible citizenship. Our safe and caring school initiatives encourage  tolerance, respect for others, empathy, and community service. Another goal for our school community is the development of a culture of wellness promoting, oral language , through  our school development action plan, and physical activity through partnerships with Active NL , Bike NL, and the City of St.John's.