Kinderstart Dates: 

We are very excited to announce our 2024 Kinderstart dates! 

Four sessions for students:

Ø   Session One: All About Me- January 19th - completed 

Ø  Session Two: Friendships- February 23rd 

Ø  Session Three: Library Visit/ Literacy Day - April 12th

Ø  Session Four: Bringing the Outdoors In + Healthy Living - May 17th

You will be notified by your Kindergarten teacher which session your student will be scheduled to attend, and also the time for your student's session. This email will come out early in the new year (2024). They will also be giving you some information on what to bring and where to go. (We will meet in the auditorium, and students will then attend their Kinderstart class.)

During these 4 student sessions, we will be offering parent sessions in the auditorium. 

o   Four concurrent sessions for parents/caregivers:

Ø  Session One: Welcome to KinderStart/Bon départ

Ø  Session Two: Well-Being and Belonging + Promoting Positive Behavior with Preschoolers + Social Contribution

Ø  Session Three: Play and Exploration + Early Literacy and Numeracy + Building Early Literacy Skills

Ø  Session Four: Communication + What to Expect in Kindergarten & School Routines