Practicing the democratic process of voting.

Arts and Letters

Vanessa Elliot -Lynch won the national Bantam bowling champion

Boys places second in Bishop Abraham Tournament

Girls Placed second at Bishop Abraham Tournament.

Winning tickets to The the St. John's Edge game

Snowshoeing at BFE!

Waiting for the school bus February 20, 2019. Staying warm!

Congratulations to Isaac Whelan and Olivia Malone for winning the school spelling bee. They will represent Bishop Feild at the regional spelling bee.

Vanessa Ellipt Lynch won the gold medal at the provincial bowling championships.

Wall of Remembrance

Let's Talk Science with Grade 3.

Grade 2 Remembrance

Kindergartens at Lester's farm.

Sorting Ceremony - October 11, 2018

Appreciating National Tree day September 25, 2018.

Grade 6 students sang and participated in the St. John's National Tree Ceremony. If you look you can see them plant trees with the mayor.


Luca "Lazy Legs"

Students of all grades worked with Ms Alywrd and Ms Lee, from the school district on coding and curriculum.



Day !